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Our Groups

Step into the diverse world of DANEAGRAM Groups, where our community comes alive through shared passions and connections. As a premium member, you have exclusive access to a multitude of open groups, each catering to different facets of the Great Dane universe. These groups serve as dynamic hubs where enthusiasts, breeders, and service providers can come together, exchange knowledge, and forge friendships. Here's a glimpse into the exciting groups awaiting your participation:

  1. Enthusiasts' Haven: Join this group if you're all about celebrating the joys and challenges of being a Great Dane owner. Share stories, seek advice, and connect with fellow enthusiasts who understand the unique bond you share with your gentle giant.

  2. Stud Owners Circle: Are you a proud stud owner? Connect with others who share your commitment to responsible breeding and stud services. Exchange insights, share experiences, and be part of a community dedicated to the advancement of Great Dane breeding.

  3. Litter Announcements: Expecting a new litter or eager to stay informed about upcoming litters? This group is your go-to space for sharing and discovering exciting announcements within the Great Dane breeding community.

  4. Just for Fun: Sometimes, it's all about letting loose and having fun! Join this lighthearted group for playful discussions, amusing anecdotes, and a chance to unwind with fellow Great Dane enthusiasts.

  5. Breeders' Forum: Breeders, unite! This group is tailored for breeders to discuss breeding practices, share knowledge, and collaborate on initiatives that elevate the standards of Great Dane breeding.

  6. Shops and Accessories Showcase: Explore and showcase your favorite Great Dane-related products, accessories, and services. Whether you're a creator or a consumer, this group is where the Great Dane marketplace comes alive.

  7. Rescue Heroes: Passionate about Great Dane rescue efforts? Join this group to connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to the well-being and rehoming of Great Danes in need.

  8. Transports and Logistics: If you're involved in or seeking assistance with Great Dane transports, logistics, or travel-related queries, this group provides a supportive space for coordination and shared expertise.

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